Freshly Sawn & Clean Reclaimed Barn Wood Kit (10 sq. ft. bundle)

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  • FRESHLY SAWN WOOD: Planks have been hand-milled on both sides, providing a freshly sawn exposure that creates a lighter-colored display and a cleaner, more refined look.
  • 100% RECLAIMED WOOD:  Made from vintage barns - just like our premium Vintage traditional barn wood. This wood has been kiln-dried to ensure stability and to be free of live insects. 
  • VARYING LENGTHS: Each box contains a mixture of boards that are 3/8'' thick with various lengths (12" to 46”) and three widths (3", 4" & 5"), so your design is dramatically authentic and non-uniform. Our planks provide good depth, integrity, and ease of installation. 
  • UNIQUE LOOK: Create your own unique, dramatic, rustic barn wood design with easy to use lightweight barn wood.
  • DO IT YOURSELF: Whether you're a DIY-er or professional contractor, our barn wood kits are easy to install. A hammer, nails, and tape measure are all you need. No messy adhesives or tricky stripping to cut and mount - simply hold in place and nail! 
  • MIX WITH OUR OTHER KITS: Our freshly sawn reclaimed barn wood kit looks great when mixed in with our traditional barn wood kit to add another element of diversity to the texture and color. 
  • HOW TO GET STARTED: To calculate the square footage you need, measure the height and width of your space. Height (in inches) x Width (in inches) / 144 = the amount of square footage you need. We always recommend adding an extra 5-10% to account for any errors or issues that may occur during your project. Our reclaimed wood kits are sold in boxes of 10.0 square feet.