Red and silver shiny Christmas tree ornaments next to a frosted pinecone.

The days are getting colder and shorter, which means winter is coming. And winter brings the holidays! We can hardly believe the holiday season is already upon us, but it’s one of our favorite times of the year. We love the cheer of handmade, DIY holiday decorations lit up by the glow of Christmas lights and a warm fire. We believe it is never too early to start decorating for Christmas, so read on for ideas and inspiration for holiday decorations you can make using reclaimed barn wood.

DIY Christmas Card Display

Tired of sticking the holiday cards you receive from friends and family on the fridge? Make your own card display! This project is pretty easy and just requires a few tools. Take your planks of barn wood and attach them together to create something that resembles a sign. Once you have your planks together, grab some twine and string it over the boards in whatever pattern you’d like for your cards to hang from. Finally, get some wooden clothespins and hang your cards! If you want to add a little more flair, add some battery-powered “fairy lights”. For the extra crafty folks, you can even cut your display in the shape of a snowman or Christmas tree! 

Barn Wood Stocking Holder

Another easy Christmas decoration you can make yourself is a DIY stocking holder. For this one, you’ll attach your boards together lengthwise. Our favorite way to attach the boards for this project is with a bit of an uneven offset lengthwise to add some interest to the design. Once you’ve attached the boards together, grab the hooks of your choice for the stockings to hang from and attach them. If you want to make the stocking holder even more festive, you can stencil on a Christmas phrase or design such as “Merry Christmas”, some Christmas trees, or really anything you want!

Reclaimed Wood Christmas Tree

There are a few ways to create a small Christmas tree using reclaimed wood. Whether you make just one large tree or a set of three, these barn wood trees add great rustic charm to your holiday decorations. 

One of our favorite DIY designs has step-by-step instructions here. The design is a little more intricate, but for many crafters, it will be well worth the effort! For this design, you’ll essentially cut and attach your boards to make a series of inverted V shapes that get smaller toward the top of the tree. Once you’ve made that layer, you repeat the process and attach it over the top at an offset to add some dimension to the design.

If you’re looking for a more simple project and design, you can create a simple triangular tree shape using barn wood planks. Just line up the boards lengthwise and draw out the shape. Make the cuts necessary and then attach your boards. Don’t forget to cut a tree stem and attach it to the bottom of your design! Cut a board and attach it as the base if you plan for your trees to stand freely. You can even add a star to the top. We love the idea of making three trees of varying sizes either to display on a table or sit by your front door on the porch. 

We love the holidays and the opportunities to create homemade decorations from our reclaimed barn wood. If you’re ready to get into the Christmas spirit, grab a bundle of reclaimed barn wood and get to crafting! Our boxed kits make buying reclaimed wood easier than ever so you can get started on all of your projects. Whether you’re making your own Christmas decorations or adding a wood accent wall, Vintage Harvest has you covered.

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