Old Barn in a farm field.


At Vintage Harvest, we are reclaiming what Mother Nature made. We find barns that no longer have a purpose, and we salvage their wood. Whether the barn is falling apart, too small, or cannot be used for any other reason, we save and repurpose the wood for an aesthetic use. If we did not use the wood, it would be burned, buried or added to a landfill.


Our process is simple. We take the reclaimed wood apart by hand and de-nail on site. We then take the barn wood to a sawmill where it is kiln dried. This process kills all bugs that may be lingering on or inside the wood, making it safe for your home. After this, the milling process begins. We take 1-inch pieces of wood and cut them in half. We then plane the wood and rip it to 3”, 4” and 5” pieces, all with a 3/8“ thickness. A member of our team then hand selects the wood for a beautiful mixture of brown and grey pieces.


The process we use for reclaiming barn wood is without a doubt the most efficient way to use lumber, while also providing maximum yield. You will not find a higher quality product for this price.

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