DIY Festive Fall Decorations with Reclaimed Barn Wood

Spooky season is here! And with those pumpkin spice lattes, apple picking trips, and corn mazes come Halloween decorations. But instead of buying poor-quality decor at big-box stores, consider making some of your own decorations with reclaimed barn wood that will last for years to come. 

Common Halloween shapes and signs like coffins, pumpkins, ghosts, black cats, and monsters can all be crafted and painted with barn wood. Whether the look you want is cute, festive, or creepy, the possibilities are nearly limitless when you start planning a decor project with reclaimed wood. With some wood glue, clamps, a sander, and some paint, you can create any sort of project, wooden decor piece, or sign that you can imagine. Simply glue the boards together, clamp them until the glue dries, sand away rough edges, and then paint your jack o’lantern, Frankenstein’s monster, ghost, or ghoul. Check out sites like Etsy or Pinterest for ideas on how to give your reclaimed wood new life through seasonal decor. 

What about a table for resting your Halloween candy or your cauldron for potion-making? Reclaimed wood tables make beautiful decor pieces year-round but can serve as an important focal point when you’re running to and from the front door delivering candy. To build a table you will love for years to come, you need more than the simple decor tools from above. Here you will likely need a miter saw, table saw, jigsaw, wood glue and epoxy, polyurethane, and of course, measuring tape. Once you build your table, you can finish it off with any style of barn wood you choose. Take a look at how to properly decorate your table in a style that will last for years.

What other applications for barn wood can you think of for the holidays? We know after Halloween comes Thanksgiving and Christmas, so finding decor pieces that work throughout the year saves time and money. You can use the same Halloween table for food on Thanksgiving and gifts on Christmas, for example! Let us know what you are planning to do with your barn wood this year. 

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