Mother's Day Tulip bouquet on a wooden surface.

Tap into your artsy and creative side this Mother’s Day. Flowers are beautiful, but they only last about two weeks. Gift cards, blankets, candles, and coffee mugs are great and all, but they aren’t guaranteed to warm your mom’s heart every time she sees them or uses them. Instead of the typical Mother’s Day gift, make something for your mom that is special and customized. Using one of these two ideas, you are sure to give your mom one of the most special gifts she has ever received on this Mother’s Day. 

Picture Frame

You don’t even have to get glass or felt! This is one of the easiest and most special DIY projects for your mom this Mother’s Day. Just get a simple plain plank of wood and trim it to about a foot long. The final product will be horizontal, so be sure you are working on it with that in mind. Screw one side of a metal clip at the top/center of the wooden plank. This will be where and when you will clip the photo of you and your mom. On the left side of the photo either engrave or glue letter cutouts of the words “I love you.” On the right side of the photo, you can again either engrave or glue cutouts of the word “Mom.” You can attach a small piece of wood to the back of the wooden plank so that it can stand up like a picture frame, or drill a small hole in the back of it so that your mom can hang it somewhere special. 


Here is where you can get really creative. Make an ornament or multiple ornaments for your mom this Mother’s Day. Ornaments are a great way to collect what great memories you have, and getting them all out at Christmas time is a great way to reflect on who/what all you are grateful for. Plus, if your mom loves it too much to wait until December to display it, she can put it on the fridge! Consider making a circular ornament with all of your mom’s childrens’ names around the border. In the center, you can put “mom” or “we love you.” Use your imagination! Another option is to draw, engrave, or plaster something to the ornament that is not necessarily customized but is still very special. If your mom loves birds, flowers, butterflies, dogs, a certain destination, you name it, incorporate that special thing into a creative and artistic piece on the wood. Any shape, any size, it doesn’t matter! She will absolutely love it.

If you are in need of wood to get started on your project for your mom, visit our website to place an order for our reclaimed barn wood. Our recycled wood is perfect for all kinds of DIY projects because of its perfect texture and color. We look forward to helping you make Mom feel special this Mother’s Day.

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