Multicolored reclaimed wood wall

We talk a lot about the various barn wood kits that we sell at Vintage Harvest, but we want to further explain the differences so that you have a better understanding of what pieces you are putting into your home. 

Vintage Reclaimed Barn Wood Kit

Let’s start with the basics. When you receive our original reclaimed barn wood kit, it is ready to go and you can install it that same day. That’s right! It comes de-nailed and hand-milled, ensuring it is safe to use and install immediately. Each kit has 5 layers of planks, each registering 32” long. The widths range from 2.25” to 3” to 4.5” to allow you to customize your own unique look.

We use a range of wood species in every original reclaimed barn wood kit. Each kit includes pine, oak, cherry, walnut, poplar, maple, hickory and more, causing a unique look every time. All pieces go together very nicely, but no two kits will be exactly the same, providing you a one-of-a-kind finished project you are sure to love. 

Another great aspect of our original kit is the number of looks you can create. As mentioned, no two kits are exactly the same. The wood, however, can be used on both sides. You can show off the patina weathered side or flip it over for a more natural look. We have seen many instances of using both sides together and the results are stunning. 

Freshly Sawn Reclaimed Barn Wood Kit

First thing’s first: what does freshly sawn mean? Simply put, this is wood that has just been cut. The lumber is still soft but will harden as it dries. The process begins after it dries. The wood is hand-milled on both sides, meaning that it is cut and shaped to what you see on your walls, tables, and more. The freshly sawn exposure creates the lightly colored, clean and refined look. 

This kit provides light and simple pieces, all ⅜ in. thick to ensure good depth while allowing easy installation. These pieces mix wonderfully with our traditional barn wood kits; you will notice an element of diversity between the two colors and textures, providing a beautiful and elegant finish. 

Kiln-Dried Barn Wood Kit 

Kiln-drying wood is a process of accelerating the removal of moisture from inside the wood. This ensures the strength of the individual pieces as well as preserving any aesthetic properties. When wood is kiln-dried, the moisture levels are much less than wood that dries through natural processes. 

The pieces found in these kits can be used in extremely dry areas without risking movement, due to the reduced moisture levels. Because of this, these kits are great for walls, backsplashes, ceilings, barn doors, headboards, tabletops, and so much more.

Which Kit is Best For You?

Now that you know a little bit more about each of our kits and the differences between them, which do you see yourself using? Will you combine a few kits for a one-of-a-kind look? Let us know!