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It’s a new decade, so that means a lot is changing for trends in interior design. We love wood, so we want to highlight some of the exciting wood trends that are on the rise this year. If you love clean, but you also love color, you’re going to start planning your interior updates today!


Colors are inching their way back into home decor, but not in a tacky or distracting way. Color in woods and other decorations are being used to enhance and add comfort to the organization of a room, not distract from it. Among the trending color schemes of wood, earth tones and warm tones are at the top. All of these color schemes tend to skew darker than we have seen in previous years. For example, if you choose to go with an earth tone color scheme when decorating with wood, instead of a baby blue and light green, go with a deeper blue, browns, and a deep dandelion yellow or orange. 

Two-Toned Kitchen

The all-white kitchen cabinets and counters are making their way out, while two-toned and color-popping kitchens are making their way in! Black or colored cabinets are becoming popular with a white countertop and/or flooring. Sometimes, people are even choosing to paint their top cabinets a different color from the bottom cabinets. Contrast is an asset for 2020, but clean is still the priority. 

Open Wooden Shelving

Open shelving in the kitchen is a trend that is not fading this year. The concept of open shelving is meant to decorate while also creating a clean and simple look. Although we have seen some shelves painted with different colors, these shelves are typically staying in the natural raw wood form. Add some pops of color to the shelves by adding a small artificial plant or a bold-colored vase or dish.  

Wood and Metal

Metal is also a trending material in interior design this year. The clean, simple, but also colorfully bold look often comes from an industrial theme in the home. Using wood to complement the metal not only adds a sense of hominess and comfort, but it also looks fabulous. Metal and wood are the iconic duo of 2020, no doubt!

There is a lot to get excited about in home decor this year. Visit our website to explore the different wood kits we have to offer to get your decade-decorating kicked off in the right way. We look forward to assisting you in your next home project.

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