Authentic American Barn Wood Bundle (10 sq. ft., maximum length 36")

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  • OUR PREMIUM BOARDS: Weathered vintage barn wood that is 100% reclaimed from barns across America. Promotes sustainability by breaking the cycle of waste, while showcasing the beauty and heritage of our U.S. farmlands as old as the 19th and 20th centuries. Each piece tells its own story!
  • KILN DRIED WOOD: The drying process creates integrity and ensures the wood to be free of live insects. The boards are 3/8'' thick, varied lengths up to 36", and 3", 4", and 5" in width.
  • UNIQUE: Varying colors help you build your own unique project. Our planks provide good depth and integrity.
  • GRAYS AND BROWNS: Each kit is hand-selected to ensure varying color tones from greys to browns for a beautiful, vibrant look.
  • MULTI-USE: Can be used for walls, backsplashes, ceilings, barn doors, headboards, tabletops, and more.
  • DO IT YOURSELF: Whether you're a DIY-er or professional contractor, our barn wood kits are easy to install. A hammer, nails, and tape measure are all you need. No messy adhesives or tricky stripping to cut and mount - simply hold in place and nail! 
  • HOW TO GET STARTED: To calculate the square footage you need, measure the height and width of your space. Height (in inches) x Width (in inches) / 144 = the amount of square footage you need. We always recommend adding an extra 5-10% to account for any errors or issues that may occur during your project. Our reclaimed wood kits are sold in boxes of 10.2 square feet. 

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