CLOSEOUT! Mineral Poplar Wood Bundle (10.2 sq. ft.)

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10 SQ FT of DIY Planks ready to install/use! Each box contains 4 layers of planks. The layers are 46 in. and each layer contains 2 rows. The planks are 3 in. 4 in. and 5 in. wide. It can be used in many ways when decorating your home, office, restaurant, or shop.

Create your own unique, dramatic, beautiful design with easy to use lightweight quality wood. Each box contains a mixture of widths, lengths, and colors so your design is dramatically authentic and non-uniform. This wood has been kiln-dried to ensure stability Planks are approximately 5/16 in. thick with 2 smooth sides.

The planks are thick enough to ensure good depth, integrity, and yet easy to install. No messy adhesive or tricky stripping to cut or mount. Simply hold in place and nail. This is a great product for both the DIYer and the professional contractor.

Each box contains 10 sq. ft. of wood. Installation instructions included in each box.

- Also known as rainbow poplar

- Unique and bright wood is caused by a certain type of mineral that is absorbed in the tree while it is growing

- Only natural wood to have natural grey in some planks!

- DIY Friendly Planks

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