Mushroom Wood Bundle (16 sq. ft. bundle)

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  • 16 sq. ft. per box
  • 1/2'' thick
  • lengths from 16-48''

Experience the sought-after Mushroom Wood. No, there are no mushrooms in the wood. However, this Hemlock wood was used in the beds to grow mushrooms for years.

After a few years, the wood gets an unbelievable weathered texture with stunning brown tones that only Mother Nature can provide.

We carefully remove the boards from the growing beds, power wash each board, then Kiln dry them to kill any bugs and then begin the milling process.

The planks are about a 1/2'' thick with lengths up to 48''. Installation is easy with a mixture of widths that make it a breeze.

This wood is definitely a statement piece that everyone will notice as soon as they walk into any room. Since it is lightweight it can go anywhere, from a camper to a sailboat to your living room wall.

Vintage Wood Products is the only place to find such a unique product that will have you the envy of all your neighbors.

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