Inside of a vintage wooden barn.

Reclaimed lumber is essentially any wood that is taken straight from its origin, and it is what we sell. For example, we get the lumber we sell from abandoned barns, but reclaimed wood, in general, can come from any structure such as old factories, abandoned or old ships, warehouses, and more. Now, here are some reasons why using reclaimed wood for all your home projects is the best route to go!

It saves the environment and ecosystem

When reclaimed lumber is used in place of new and processed lumber, it saves many trees from being cut down and keeps perfectly good lumber out of landfills. When deforestation occurs, a multitude of animals’ and plants’ habitats are destroyed, therefore endangering their lives. This significantly affects the way the food chain and ecosystem work. With the growing list of endangered species, increasing amounts of pollution and wildfires in our world presently, preserving our forestation is crucial now more than ever. 

It saves energy and wildlife

When trees are felled for the creation of wood, the final product is called virgin wood. According to the International Convention Society of Wood Science and Technology and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe – Timber Committee, the creation of virgin wood takes 11 to 13 times more energy than reclaimed wood. Energy can be saved, animals’ lives can be saved, plants’ can become more abundant, and ultimately, our environment can be bettered by choosing to use reclaimed wood over virgin wood.

The strongest wood is often reclaimed

Due to the limited forestry available to be felled for virgin wood, there have been laws set to protect the old trees that would provide the strongest lumber from being cut down. This preservation law did not use to be in effect, so you can get some of the densest fibered wood from abandoned barns, warehouses, ships, factories, and other old structures. Plus, you are able to carry undying character and a piece of history into the project you are working on!

At Vintage Harvest, we recognize the importance of improving the environment we live in. That is why we dedicate our time, effort, and resources to finding sources to retrieve reclaimed wood. We do the hard work for you by fixing up the wood so it is safe and ready to be used in your next home project. You have the ability to make a difference in the world just by choosing reclaimed wood over virgin wood, and we’re here to help you do just that. Visit our website and explore the reclaimed barnwood kits we offer to kick off your next home decorating project.

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