Recycling glass and plastic to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Simple Ways to Practice a More Sustainable Lifestyle

Barn WoodCourtney Herda
Bulk order of reclaimed pallet wood.

Bulk Orders from Vintage Harvest

Accent WallCourtney Herda
Beautiful farm house on a ranch with mountains in the background.

All of Your Questions About Reclaimed Wood: Answered!

Barn WoodCourtney Herda
Vintage reclaimed wood panel.

Reclaimed Wood Installation Process

InstallationCourtney Herda
Reclaimed wooden planks for projects.

Our Various Reclaimed Wood Kits

Barn WoodCourtney Herda
Decrative reclaimed wood accent wall.

Benefits of Decorating with Reclaimed Wood

Barn WoodCourtney Herda
Painting a dark stain over wood.

Top DIY Barn Wood Trends for Fall 2020

Barn WoodCourtney Herda