How Decorative Ceiling Beams Can Be Used to Improve Your Space

At Vintage Harvest, we are big fans of DIY projects - whether that be creating a planter, accent wall, wooden bench, holiday decor, or even installing decorative wooden ceiling beams, we are here to help! DIY projects are an awesome way to bring a sense of uniqueness to your space, and by using our reclaimed wood you will also be practicing sustainability in the easiest way possible! 

A simple and affordable, yet aesthetically pleasing way to bring a sense of uniqueness to your home or large space is by installing decorative ceiling beams. Decorative ceiling beams can be used to achieve many different aesthetics within your space. You can use recycled wood pieces to create a more modern look by painting them the same color as your ceiling or by painting them a bolder color that will contrast well against neutral-colored walls. If you want to create more of a farmhouse look, you could create your reclaimed wood beams by simply leaving the wood pieces unpainted and putting them in an order that you think looks best. There are many different aesthetic options you can use decorative wooden ceiling beams to achieve, including traditional, rustic, bohemian, Scandinavian, or minimalist looks. 

Adding architectural interest to your home or space is another way decorative ceiling beams can improve an area. Similar to skylight windows, this simple addition can transform your space. Although decorative ceiling beams do not change the true architectural structure of your space, they can help to add detail that you may feel was overlooked in the architectural design process, but that you would now like to have. 

Decorative ceiling beams can also help to create separation between areas. Often in the design process, people make decisions about the placement of couches, tables, or rugs to work as a divider between rooms; decorative ceiling beams are also a way to achieve this divide in areas such as the living room to the kitchen area. In an office space, they can be used to divide a common area or lobby from individual offices. 

Vintage Harvest can help to improve small or large spaces! We offer DIY 10 sq. ft boxed kits, as well as bulks kits for interior designers, contractors, or anyone who wants to create a decorative ceiling beam in many different spaces. 

If you want to create a more aesthetically pleasing space, add architectural interest, or just create a better divide within an area, we are here to help! Vintage Harvest offers 7 different 10 sq. ft kits and bulk order options ranging from 250 sq. ft to 475 sq. ft. Contact us for all of your design needs and to learn more about the installation process today!
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