How to Get a High-End Barn Wood Accent Wall for a Low Price

At Vintage Harvest, we are passionate about environmental sustainability. Instead of cutting down trees, we source our wood from old barns that would otherwise be torn down and burned. Each plank is taken apart by hand, denailed, kiln-dried, and planed, resulting in a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind piece of barn wood to use in your home. 

Our reclaimed barn wood isn’t just sustainable for the environment; it’s sustainable for your wallet! Rustic farmhouse decor has been wildly popular in recent years, but getting your hands on reclaimed barn wood (and paying for someone to install it) can be difficult and expensive. Some homeowners opt for peel-and-stick wood paneling, which can certainly save you money; however, it doesn’t have the authentic look of real barn wood. 

Our DIY reclaimed barn wood kits include authentic barn wood planks from barns across the Southeast that have been rendered obsolete. With varying lengths, widths, and colors, no two planks are the same. Each kit includes a hand-selected variety of barn wood, ensuring varying color tones from grays to browns for a vibrant look.

And the best part? You can do it yourself! No need to pay a contractor to install your barn wood accent wall for you. As long as you have a hammer, tape measure, power saw or jigsaw, and nails, you have everything you need to create your new accent wall yourself. Check out this video to see what installing an accent wall with our DIY reclaimed wood planks looks like.

Let’s talk pricing. Our Premium Vintage Reclaimed Barn Wood Kit is $85 and covers 10 square feet. To find out how much you’ll need for your project, you’ll first need to measure the height and width of your space. Multiply the height (in inches) by the width (in inches) and divide that amount by 144. Then, divide that number by 10 to calculate how many of our barn wood kits you’ll need. 

You don’t need to pay a premium price to get your barn wood accent wall installed by a professional. You also don’t need to settle for peel-and-stick planks that aren’t made from authentic barn wood. Vintage Harvest offers premium, sustainably-sourced lumber that makes it easy to achieve a unique farmhouse look on a budget.

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