Bulk order of reclaimed pallet wood.

Ordering in large quantities might seem like a big commitment when it comes to purchasing reclaimed wood, but there are some great reasons for purchasing in bulk through Vintage Harvest. 


The Advantages to Buying in Bulk


The biggest advantage to buying in bulk is the price. When you purchase in bulk from Vintage Harvest, you’ll save more money than you would by placing multiple separate orders. This is great for someone doing a large project or taking on many smaller ones at one time.


Interior designers or anyone working in the restoration industry can benefit from purchasing in bulk, as you will have more product on hand for future clients and projects. You can give your clients a better idea of what the wood will actually look like, so they can accurately visualize the upgrades or changes to their home. You can also handle more clients and increase the number of projects you’re working on because you’ll have inventory on hand to start immediately. 


The Unique Beauty of Vintage Harvest Reclaimed Wood


Vintage Harvest offers premium weathered barn wood reclaimed from barns across America. Our process breaks the waste cycle by recycling old wood and using it for something new. Each piece of wood has its own story, with some pieces dating back to the 19th and 20th centuries. When you buy wood through Vintage Harvest, you are not only purchasing unique wood, but you are also saving wood from being buried, burned, or ending up in landfills.


Our wood is taken from old barns and brought to a sawmill where it is kiln-dried. This process kills any bugs that could remain on the wood and makes it safe to bring into a home. The boards are 3/8” thick and cut into various lengths (12” to 24”) and various widths (3”, 4”, and 5”). Because our wood is taken from different barns throughout the county, the exact coloring of the wood varies between each box and order. Each kit is hand-selected to ensure the varying tones, ranging from grays to browns, create a beautifully cohesive look.




Vintage Harvest wood has a variety of uses for a number of different projects. Our wood can be used for accent walls, backsplashes, doors, ceilings, headboards, and more. Because of the nature of our wood, it is best used in indoor spaces unless specially treated after purchase to handle the outdoor environment. Bulk orders are great for interior designers who are planning for many projects for clients or for a large DIY project that requires a large amount of our vintage wood.  

Whether you are a DIY-er, an interior designer, or a contractor, our wood kits are the best way to liven up any room in your home or that of a client. Our kits are easy to install and beautifully crafted with beauty and ease in mind. Visit our FAQs page or feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions or think that purchasing in bulk is right for you.
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