Rustic barndoors for modern farmhouse interior design.

Trends come and go and often come back into style after decades, or more, which makes it challenging to know what trends will stay and what trends we will look back at and laugh about in a few years. Where do barn doors fall on that list? Are they a trend we’ll cringe at in the coming years or are they a timeless piece that will always add value to a home? At Vintage Harvest, we believe it’s the latter; we love the antique barn wood look and love seeing it in modern homes. We know the value barn doors can bring to your home, no matter what your current style is. 


The modern farmhouse look remains popular, even after being around for a few years, and for good reason - it looks great! Contemporary homes make for cozy evenings and comfortable mornings, and no farmhouse would be complete without a barn door. The new spin on an old classic is always fun, but it can be hard to know if it will last. The farmhouse look has been increasingly popular, and it does not appear to be going away anytime soon. Whether you’re embracing a modern farmhouse or have your more traditional roots, barn doors will always have a place in farmhouses - it’s where they belong. 


Barn doors also have a significant functionality aspect that you will not get with an ordinary door. Since barn doors are designed to slide instead of swing on a hinge, they are space savers when you want your door to remain open. You do not have to worry about a door blocking you from getting into a cupboard or your child or pet crashing into it; they simply move to another side and continue to function without getting in anyone’s way. Barn doors also bring a unique design element to your home that you will not find with an ordinary door; the design and use of antique wood allows you to have a functional decoration in your home.


Barn doors are a great addition to your home and a contractor can place them, but if you are looking for a less expensive route, you can always DIY your own barn door project. We get our wood from old barns that no longer have a purpose, refurbish them, and get them ready for any indoor project or decor piece. When you use Vintage Harvest, not only is your wood hand-selected for a cohesive look, but you are also helping the environment by using barn wood in a sustainable way. Using authentic barn wood for your door adds something unique to the element, style, and story of your newest piece.


We may be a bit biased, but we believe that reclaimed wood is great for any DIY projects around your home, including barn doors! If you’re ready to build a barn door that never goes out of style, visit our website to get started. 

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