Rustic decor for Christmas time.

Although it might not feel like it yet, the holidays are right around the corner. With Thanksgiving and Christmas comes the joy of inviting family and friends into your home. So, what big projects are on your to-do list before your out-of-town company arrives this holiday season? At Vintage Harvest, we understand the importance of putting your best foot forward when hosting friends and family at your home for the holidays, so let us help you with your big projects before your company comes into town.


Accent Walls

A great way to set your home apart is by highlighting or changing up a specific room. An accent wall is a sustainable and budget-friendly way to add a little extra dimension to your home. There are a ton of different accent wall ideas that you can view for inspiration in your own home. Using reclaimed wood from Vintage Harvest can make any wall a great accent piece to show off to your friends and family. 



Shelving and proper storage are a necessity in every home. Our reclaimed wood kits are great for small projects, such as floating shelves that can hang on the wall, or a wooden box that can hold plants and decorations on a counter or coffee table. Check out this great list of ideas for unique storage and decoration pieces using reclaimed wood. Your family and friends might be surprised with your innovative looks this holiday season!


Hiding Household Necessities

It can be challenging to make a trashcan or exposed plumbing look glamorous. Just because they are necessary does not mean your company has to see them. Building a mobile cupboard out of reclaimed wood is a great way to hide your trash. Not only will this piece be a great hidden accessory, but it could also hide some of that old trash smell. Watch this video to learn how to build your own cupboard to hide your trash can. 

You can also hide that exposed plumbing under your sink, simply by covering it up with reclaimed wood. There are so many easy projects to make the holidays more enjoyable for you and your family, and now is the perfect time to start them! 


The holidays will be here before you know it, but luckily, with our help, you can be ready for them all. At Vintage Harvest, we have multiple reclaimed wood kits to help you get you started on those holiday projects. Visit our website to explore the many styles we offer and let us know if you have any questions on the perfect updates to your home. 

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