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Reclaimed lumber is great to use for many different DIY projects and makes a beautiful, rustic accent wall that adds character to any room. Before buying your wood pieces, you may have several questions about the appearance, how to install the wood, and where the lumber can be used. Today, we’re answering some of our most commonly asked questions about our reclaimed lumber kits. 

What’s the Best Way to Install the Wood?

Depending on what you plan to use the wood for, there are a few preferred methods that will ensure the wood stays put. For mounting the wood to a wall, we recommend using an air brad gun and having a majority of the nails penetrating into the studs. It is also a good idea to paint the wall prior to attaching the wood to prevent the wall from showing through any holes or cracks in the wood. Some individuals opt for using wood glue or adhesive for extra reinforcement, although using nails alone is sufficient for installation. 

Where Can I Use this Wood?

Our reclaimed wood can be used for countless DIY projects. While it is frequently used to create accent walls, it’s also used for headboards, doors, finishing on all types of furniture, ceiling enhancements, and more. The lumber is untreated so we recommend using it primarily for interior projects, as it may not perform as well outside unless you apply polyurethane treatment. If you plan on using the wood in an area with high humidity or high moisture levels, you should also use a vapor or moisture barrier between the planks. 

What Does the Appearance and Texture of the Wood Look Like?

All of our lumber comes from authentic, reclaimed barn planks and has some light texture. Each boxed kit will contain a range of colors and textures which means they may not all look identical to the wood pieces shown in our website photos. However, the unique variations are what give our wood charm and character! They are unfinished, so applying a clear, polyurethane coat after a light sanding will help you achieve a more finished and modern look if that’s what you prefer; leaving them unsanded and untreated will give you a more rustic look. 

Reclaimed wood is great for any DIY projects around the home. To view more answers to our FAQs, visit our website, or feel free to contact us with any additional questions you may have about any of our products!

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