Vintage reclaimed wood panel.

If you’re new to woodworking, or even if you’re an experienced craftsman, installing wood paneling can still be a daunting task. When done correctly, wood paneling can make a beautiful accent wall, a professional-looking backsplash, or add character to a smaller project. The key is following each step carefully and doing enough prep work to ensure that the paneling comes out exactly as you want it to. Follow these wood paneling installation steps to make the process easy and stress-free!

Step One: Design the Layout

Prior to getting out any tools, take the time to lay out all of your wood paneling boards as you plan to have them in your project. This is especially important for large areas, like accent walls or backsplashes, to ensure that you have an even color distribution throughout the entire space. Laying out the pieces also helps you to visualize how the pieces look next to each other. Pay close attention to the different widths and lengths and try to create a pattern that mimics the natural appearance of the wood for the best result. 

Step Two: Time to Prep

Once you’re satisfied with the wood layout, it’s time to begin the prep work. Start by removing any switch or outlet covers and, using a jigsaw, cut these areas out in your wood. Next, begin painting your surface a dark color that will blend in nicely with the wood. This helps prevent any areas of your surface from showing through any holes in the lumber. Mark the studs on the wall so that you know where to fasten the wood.

Step Three: Let’s Install!

Begin installing your first row of reclaimed wood. If your wood layout is horizontal, be sure to use a level for every row so that everything remains even. Fasten the wood to the surface with nails or wood glue, as applicable. If creating an accent wall, fasten the lumber where you marked the studs. Continue installing each row until your project is complete. 

Installing wood paneling doesn’t have to be an intimidating project if you follow each step and take your time. We’ve even created a video for those who prefer a more visual demonstration of how to install the wood! Using reclaimed lumber provides a beautiful, natural look that will add character to whatever project you’re creating. To explore the many varieties of wood panels that Vintage Harvest offers, visit our website to see our many collections of reclaimed wood boxed kits.
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