Reclaimed wooden planks for projects.

Reclaimed lumber is wood that has been salvaged from a barn that is no longer in use. At Vintage Harvest, we take this lumber, clean, mill, and cut it before providing it back to our customers in DIY wood kits that are ready to be used. Each of our kits are unique, and no two pieces of wood are the same. This gives your projects or accent walls character and a one-of-a-kind look that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. We offer seven different boxed wood kits that can be used for countless projects. Here, we’ve broken down the differences in each of the kits and what they are best used for.

We offer two premium wood kits, featuring either our Vintage Reclaimed Barn Wood or Artisan Planks. Each of these kits contain a 10 sq. ft. bundle of premium wooden planks that are multi-use and easy to install. Whether you choose our vintage reclaimed wood or artisan planks, you can be sure that you won’t find another kit like them; each piece is unique and tells its own story, adding character to whatever project you use them for. 

In addition to our premium planks, we also offer freshly sawn & clean reclaimed barn wood and a reclaimed wood pallet kit that come in 10 sq. ft. bundles. Our freshly sawn pieces have been milled on both sides which gives them a lighter, more refined look. The reclaimed wood pallet kit contains pieces taken from recycled pallets. Every plank is different and has a one of a kind look because it contains a mix of several different wood types. 

For those not interested in reclaimed wood, we also have four box kits each containing a different wood type. These include Rustic White Oak, Ambrosia Maple, Mineral Poplar, and Walnut Wood. Like our other kits, these come in sets of 10 sq. ft. bundles. These planks are great for those looking for one single type of wood and are after a more unified wooden look for their project. 

Vintage Harvest provides the best reclaimed wood you can find. We pride ourselves on offering you the highest quality of lumber for a reasonable price. Our reclaimed box kits make it simple and easy to complete any wood project you’re working on, from accent walls to gorgeous headboards. Visit our website to explore our many different box options and see why our lumber is the best reclaimed wood on the market. 

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