Happy black and white border collie outside.

Dogs are man’s best friend. And a woman’s too. Celebrating our furry friends should happen every day, but on August 26th, we celebrate them a little extra - it’s National Dog Day, after all. Dogs are heroes to humans. They keep us from feeling lonely, they bring comfort, give love unconditionally, and even detect our illnesses.

Dogs have been a human’s best friend for at least 14,000 years. The top dog-loving state is California, showing 88% of all Californians love dogs. Don’t worry, Tennessee (where our company is based out of) is not too far behind California, putting us in spot four out of ten for top dog-loving states. National Dog Day is an exciting day across the country and is celebrated by news stories, TV show segments, online videos, shelter events, internet videos, and K9 events. 

This year, since many people are still staying at home, the perfect way to spend National Dog Day, or the days leading up to it, is by building a brand new dog house for your furry friend! At Vintage Harvest, we have the perfect lumber to create your dog’s dream home. Whether you want to go big or small, the dog house can be whatever you want it to be. 

Tons of tutorials are available online for building a dog house, but we recommend going with the simple A-frame approach. In one of our favorite tutorials, HGTV created a step by step process for dog owners. Another excellent resource for ideas and inspiration is this awesome article from Architectural Digest, showing the creative ways architects created stylish dog houses. If you want to get crazy and spoil your dog, you can build on to your dog house and add a porch, or build an addition to put their water and food bowls in. The possibilities are endless, and you can do it all with our Vintage Harvest lumber. 

Get all of the wood you need to start your dog house project from Vintage Harvest Reclaimed Lumber. Visit our website to explore the many options of wood kits we offer. We look forward to helping you create the home of your dog’s dreams!

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