Decrative reclaimed wood accent wall.

In the last couple of years, the most significant trend has been sustainability. From transportation to diets, to clothes, to our homes, many people are finding ways to make more aspects of their life sustainable for the planet. When it comes to home decorating, staying sustainable is still trendy and fashionable, and you can do it all with reclaimed wood. There are tons of benefits to using reclaimed wood - most being the fact that it’s eco friendly. At Vintage Harvest, our barn wood paneling is never over-engineered or overthought and our wood is hand-milled with the goal of beauty and ease. Sustainable and beautiful, what more could you ask for? Here are a few extra benefits of decorating with reclaimed wood.

Preserve Natural Resources

As we know, cutting down trees is bad. We think most people learned that when reading The Lorax as a kid. Using reclaimed wood preserves natural timber resources because it reduces the need for new logging. Decorating with reclaimed wood saves more trees from being cut down, and your home will still be beautiful and, of course, on-trend.

Fewer Paints and Stains

The rustic look with furniture is easily accomplished with reclaimed wood. Since rustic furniture is trendy, using reclaimed wood to build furniture saves you from using paints, stains, and other nasty chemicals. The chemicals used in paint and stains can negatively impact our environment. It is very beneficial to stay away from these toxins, especially within the home. 

Prevents Pollution

The timber industry is a large contributor to air and water pollution with large-scale harvesting, transporting, and wood processing. Since reclaimed wood has already been harvested and processed, you prevent pollution by reusing and recycling. Save the planet from more toxic air emissions from burned end-cuts and use reclaimed timber. 

Many of the benefits of using reclaimed timber are green and environmentally friendly reasons, but we are also reminded that wood furniture and wall designs are beautiful. The reclaimed and weathered wood brings a sense of warmth, coziness, and comfort to your home. Visit our website to see our options of reclaimed wood kits to make your home beautiful and sustainable. 

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