Sleeping baby in a striped onesie on a crib.

With many people finding themselves stuck at home during the quarantine, some have used this time to begin thinking about growing their families or having a child for the first time. Experts have started to see an increase in pregnancy rates now that we know more about the effects of COVID-19 on pregnant women and newborns. If you or a loved one has recently gotten pregnant and may be beginning to think about preparing a nursery, we have the perfect quarantine project that will make your baby’s nursery feel warm and cozy! Using reclaimed wood, you can create your own wooden accent wall to tie the room together. Best of all, this project is gender-neutral and matches almost any decor style. Follow the steps below to create this fun and charming accent wall for your baby’s nursery!

Step 1: Gathering the Supplies

First, select the kind of wood you plan to use. Vintage Harvest reclaimed wood box kits are perfect for DIY projects like wooden accent wall installations. When you receive your wood, begin laying out the pieces as you plan to have them on the wall. Vary the lengths of the wooden boards to create a natural look. 

Step 2: Planning 

Next, it’s time to prepare your surface. Start by painting the wall a dark color to avoid any lighter colors showing through the wooden holes. Mark where your studs are on the wall and be sure that you’ll be able to nail into these areas. 

Step 3: Putting it all Together

Using a level, fasten the first row of wood to the wall with nails where you marked the studs. Continue down the wall ensuring that you're keeping the boards level. Repeat this step until the entire wall is covered by your new reclaimed wood.

Preparing for a baby is an exciting time, especially if you have a soothing nursery where you’ll be able to bond. Vintage Harvest has everything you need to create this DIY wooden accent wall for your nursery. Our DIY wooden box kits contain weathered vintage barn wood that has been reclaimed from barns all across the country. Each box contains 10 sq. ft. of wood in addition to installation instructions. To explore our different wood options or learn more about how to install wood paneling, visit our website and get inspired! 

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