Reclaimed wood outdoor planter.

Planter boxes are all the rage this summer since people are scrambling for DIY projects to help cure the boredom of staying home. Our wood at Vintage Harvest is perfect for these projects. You can get as creative as you want with planters since they are pretty simple to make. Our wood has you covered with aesthetics, but try out these ideas below to build your planter not so basic. 

Rolling Planter Box

A Rolling Planter Box is a great addition to your garden. Adding wheels to a planter box means you can put this box anywhere and move it at any time. The flexibility of where you want your planter box is ideal because these things can get heavy! You can have fun with the wheels of your planter instead of just opting for plain black wheels. This planter is assured not to throw your back out if you ever decide to switch up your outdoor space.  

Planter with Hose Reel
This idea is pretty genius. This is such a great storage option for your hose, and it makes things super convenient. Instead of having to haul out your hose whenever you want to water your planters, keep the hose inside it! Look into Pinterest to see how different people try out this idea because the possibilities are endless.

Shelf Planter Box

This planter box is probably the easiest to DIY, but also can be the most useful and not to mention, the cutest. Creating shelf planter boxes can add more to your outdoor space because you can have your plants and veggies growing on elevated spaces. Add this to window sills, benches, etc. to add more greenery to different areas of your backyard.

Tiered Planter

What a great outdoor decor idea. Adding level to your planters is a creative idea that will look great if you want something different for your plants. Making the same basic planter box, but adding different size legs to lift it makes this project very simple and achievable. This would be great for the entrance of your front door or against an empty wall anywhere outside your house. The possibilities are endless.

With these ideas and our Vintage Harvest wood, your planter box will be beautiful this summer. Make sure to take a snapshot of your project and tag us on social media! Head to our website if you need to find wood for your project. Happy building!

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