Happy Father's Day written on a chalk board and surrounded by tools.

Making sure your dad is equipped with ANY project is essential. It is a perfect Father’s Day gift, and you can even start a project with your dad on Father’s Day to spend some quality time together. Some ideas for projects could be a planter box, a bench, a beer caddy; honestly, the possibilities are endless. Here are some tools that are essential for your dad to have on hand.

Power Drill

Power drills are used in both residential and commercial projects, so these are very versatile tools no matter what project you are doing. This power drill can also double as an electric screwdriver. This is the number one tool your dad needs because it can be used for every project that he starts. 

Jig Saw

A jig saw allows you to cut curved and circular patterns in stock. The blade moves up and down to cut wood. The blades are easily replaceable with a quick-release mechanism. It offers the movement of a hand tool, but the power of an electric device.

Wood Router

A router is the most versatile power tool in the workshop. The device is portable and can be easily guided by hand. They are used to hollow out wood and make cutouts with precision and detail. Not only can these be used for woodworking, but also almost any material like plastic or aluminum. 

Circular Saw

This tool is used for crosscutting wood, and it is effortless to operate. You can cut and dice wood with an extreme level of precision with a circular saw. It is a fundamental tool for a woodworking project and will make your projects much more comfortable to execute.


Sanding wood is a constant in woodwork projects. These are the most practical tools since sanding down wood is essential to have a quality project. An electronic sander is an excellent investment because it is easy, quick, and won’t wear you out. This might be the tool you reach for the most when you work with any piece of wood. 

Power Planer

A power planer’s primary function is to smooth the surface of the wood but also smooth the wood’s rough end grain. It can also be used for tapering wood to adjust the depth of the wood. 

Check out the linked tools to find a great present for Father’s Day. We love offering advice on projects for our customers, so check out the wood we provide on our website and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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