Wooden pallet bar holding beer.

Make this summer the best one yet with this super simple, and might we add, ADORABLE pallet bar. This will be one of your favorite projects this summer because of how easy it is to construct and how versatile and practical the final product will be! So, let’s get right to the details that you need to know.

We’ve all seen wood pallets used in projects for the patio and home, but you’ve never seen anything like this pallet bar before! All you need is two wood pallets and the material of your choice that you want the countertop of your bar to be. Either use a strong wood adhesive or nails and screws to connect the bottoms of the two wood pallets together. Stand the pair straight up, and add the “counter” to the top of your “bar.” Now, take a look at some ideas that may spark your creativity in sprucing up your pallet bar!


Make your pallet bar your favorite color because, why not? Of course, this step should be taken before you connect the two wood pallets together to make it easier on yourself. You could always go for a classic white, and then add an accent in a brighter color if you are hesitant to make the pallet bar a solid bold color. These accents could be your last name, initial, the word “bar,” or really anything. The ball is in your court here - make it your own!


Your countertop could be wood, stone, tile… again, it's up to you! Consider purchasing stepping stones from a home improvement store, and make them the countertop of your bar. This is a very simple and sturdy option for your pallet bar.


You might notice once your bar is put together and standing up straight, you have some ‘pre-made’ shelves already in your bar! The bottoms of the two wood pallets connecting symmetrically will allow storage for your convenience. Store your glasses, liquors, mixers, and anything else you may need to entertain at your next patio party. Trust us, you’ll be inviting your friends over the minute your bar is complete! 

At Vintage Harvest, our reclaimed lumber is sold in planks rather than pallets, but our barn wood would make a perfect countertop for your pallet bar. Visit our website to explore the barn wood kits we offer. Place your order today, so you can make this summer count! 

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