Reclaimed wooden wall decor.

One of the top trends in interior design right now is rustic style, which focuses on allowing the natural beauty of organic materials to take center stage. At Vintage Harvest, one of our favorite ways of celebrating the uniqueness and ruggedness of reclaimed wood is by finding ways to incorporate it into the home, transforming your space into a warm and welcoming place. 

A wooden accent wall is the perfect way to bring a natural, rustic look to any room of your house. In just three easy steps, you’ll be able to bring this DIY project to life in no time. First, decide what wooden style you like best and select from one of our three DIY reclaimed barn wood kits. Our kits make it so easy to add charm to your home with a stunning reclaimed wood look. We offer three different selections of barn wood including premium, freshly sawn, and reclaimed pallet wood; the kit you choose is based on the look you’re going for. Start your accent wall by first laying out the wood panel pieces on a flat surface to plan how it will look on the wall. 

Next, paint the wall you plan to cover with a dark color in order to cover up any potential areas where the wall may show through holes in the wood. This step is optional but we find that it gives the wall a much more cohesive look. Mark studs on the wall where you plan to fasten the wood to. Cut out any areas of wood where outlet and plug covers are on the wall. 

Finally, use a level to install your first row of wooden paneling with nails. Pay attention to where you marked the studs to know where to fasten to the wall. If you’re doing a horizontal pattern, start at the top of the wall and work your way down making sure that the rows stay even. Once you’re finished, all that’s left to do is to step back and admire your new wooden accent wall!

Visit our website to explore our different wood options and to learn more about how we sustainably source our wood. No matter what DIY wood project you have in mind, Vintage Harvest is sure to have the perfect reclaimed wood options!

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