vintage wood christmas tree

With the holidays approaching quickly, it’s time to start decorating. Statement accent walls are becoming a trend in home decor, so we have detailed two ways to spruce up your house with an accent wall this holiday season using our reclaimed barn wood kits. 


Use our reclaimed lumber to create a wall of shelves either on the wall of your den, the wall of a bedroom, or even the dining room. Install the shelves across the majority of the wall’s height and width. Once installed, decorate the shelves by placing holiday knick-knacks all over them. 

Here are some ideas of things to place on the shelves:

  • Stretch Christmas garland across a few or all of the shelves.
  • Place family pictures in holiday picture frames on the shelves.
  • Hammer nails into the front side of some of the shelves to hang ornaments from.
  • Place figurines in front of any Christmas garland.
  • Place another holiday decor you have that fits on the shelves

Be careful not to weigh down the shelves too much. It would be a mess if they all came tumbling down! You have the option of painting the wood a holiday color before installing them onto the wall. However, we recommend not painting the wood because once the holidays are over, you can leave the shelves on the wall. Then you can decorate the shelves based on the seasons, or just simply make it a place for photos, plants, and other home decor.

Christmas Tree Wall

The Christmas tree wall concept is similar to the shelves but functionally very different. First, you will need to sand the barn wood in your Vintage Harvest kit. Most importantly, paint the barn wood green. Based on how large your wall is, decide how many plans of wood you wish to use. The wood planks will then be sawed to different lengths to make the triangular shape of a Christmas tree. Mount the wood planks to the wall the same way a picture frame is mounted - not the way a shelf is.  Start with the longest plank of wood on the bottom and end with the smallest on the top. Decorate your Christmas tree wall with printed photos and ornaments. Plus, this makes an incredible backdrop for pictures at your holiday dinner parties!

Master holiday decorating this year using our barn wood kits. Visit our website and make your order today so you can get to decorating. Happy holidays from Vintage Harvest!

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