Several power tools for building laying on wooden floor.

Anyone who’s a fan of woodworking knows that having all of the right tools can make the biggest difference when it comes to building projects. This Father’s Day, treat your dad, or any of the fathers in your life, to the tools he’ll need to put together any DIY wood project. Make his Father’s Day even more special by offering a helping hand and spending some quality time woodworking with your dad. We’ve put together a few tool gift ideas to help you get a head start on Father’s Day gift shopping!

Power Drill and Drill Bits

Power drills are arguably one of the most necessary tools in woodworking. They can be used in a variety of different projects and provide a faster way to create a stronger bond between pieces of wood when screwed together. If your dad already has a power drill, consider upgrading him to a newer model or purchasing some high-quality drill bits to outfit his drill. 

Jig Saw

A jigsaw is another essential tool that woodworkers should have in their collection. Jigsaws are equipped with fine blades that allow the craftsman to cut shapes and details into the wood that would not be possible with a larger saw. These saws open up many more possibilities for intricate woodworking which means countless fun DIY projects for your dad. 

Electric Sander

Sanding is a must when it comes to woodworking projects, but it can take a lot of time and energy to sand the wood by hand. An electric sander is a great investment tool that will make a wonderful Father’s Day gift. The powered sander will also help ensure that the wood receives a uniform and smooth finish all around. 

Trigger Clamps

Trigger clamps are clamps used to keep pieces of wood secured together while sawing, gluing, sanding, nailing, and more. These practical clamps come in handy in most woodworking projects by keeping the pieces of wood still while working. Trigger clamps are versatile and can be used all around the house in many different projects.

With Father’s Day coming up on June 20th, now’s the time to begin thinking about what gifts to give all of the dads in your life. For fathers who enjoy woodworking or DIY projects, gifting a tool is likely to be a well-appreciated gift. Once he has all of the right tools, all that’s left is finding top-quality wood. Head over to our Vintage Harvest website to see all of the different reclaimed lumber packages we offer and get started on Dad’s next project!

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