Upgrade Your Work From Home Space

In 2022, more and more Americans are working from home, whether part-time or full. So it’s more important than ever to ensure that your WFH space brings you peace and comfort whenever possible. Our favorite way to do that is by sprucing up your home office and making it a place you want to spend time!

Pre-2020, we would decorate our offices to resemble our homes, bringing pictures and small tokens that remind us of our family and friends. Now that our offices are in our homes, we recommend decorating them in a way that makes them stand out instead of blending in.

Reclaimed Wood Desk

The easiest way to bring a pop into your home office is by upgrading your desk! If you already own a wood desk, this project is quite simple. All you’ll do is sand down your wood planks and stain them with resin; that way, they are smooth to the touch and can work as a desk topper. Once that is complete, you’ll attach the planks to the top of your current desk, and, voila! The focal point of your home office is now beautiful.

Side Table

If your current desk is glass, metal, or plastic, we recommend using the same steps to create a side table. This can hold your coffee, water, papers, and organizer. Build a simple side table using these instructions, and then finish the same way you would the desk - attach your sanded and resined planks to cover the top of your table. If you’re going for a more rustic look, you can skip the sanding and resin - this will leave you with a rougher and more natural look. 

We recommend using a neutral wood color for the table’s legs, making your top pop even more. Choose a color that will complement your reclaimed wood. 

Floating Shelves

There are no longer conference spaces or cabinets to house those important documents and folders, so why not create them? Floating shelves do not take up extra space, but they add storage options, perfect for a room initially unintended for daily use. 

Floating shelves are an easy DIY project that will take only a few hours to complete. Take a look at our favorite way to create them here. You can use plank wood for the base and Vintage Harvest reclaimed wood as the overlay, allowing true beauty to shine through. 

At Vintage Harvest, we offer seven different wood kits, all with varying colors and textures, so that you can choose the style that best fits your home office aesthetic. Let us know if you create any of these pieces or have any other ideas. We’d love to see what you make from the best-reclaimed wood on the market. A beautiful workspace allows for an even better workday, and we’d love to lend a hand in that.

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