DIY wood bathtub tray project

Did you know that being creative has the ability to improve your health? According to Forbes, being creative can improve your mental health, make you smarter, boost your immune system, and more. At Vintage Harvest, we want to see you thrive in the 2022 new year and encourage you to challenge yourself to be more creative this year! To offer a little inspiration for all of the creative endeavors you will take on this year, we have listed a couple of our favorite do-it-yourself projects below! 

DIY Wooden Planter Box 

Steps to take:

1. Decide what size you want your planter box to be.

Tip: Think about how many plants you want the box to hold and what location the box will be in when deciding what size to make your box. 

2. Choose what wood you would like to use from our 7 different reclaimed wood 10 Sq. Ft. DIY boxed kits

These options include:

3. Cut the wood down to the right size.
4. Attach the boards.

  • Drill holes in the boards. 
  • Fasten the boards together with screws. 
5. Drill drainage holes in the bottom of the box.
6. Add finishing touches (sanding, painting, or staining).

DIY Reclaimed Wood Bathtub Tray

Steps to take:

1. Cut the boards to the desired width.

  • Remember to allow enough space for the sides to fit comfortably over the bathtub. 


2. Cut the overhang boards.

  • These are the boards that will hang over the side of the bathtub and they need to be the same width as the mainboards. 

3. Sand the wood down until it is smooth. 

4. Attach the main boards to the overhang boards.

  • Drill holes in the boards 
  • Fasten the boards together with screws

5. Add finishing touches (painting or staining). 


We hope these relatively simple DIY projects have inspired you to create a planter box or bathtub tray of your own and to create more in the future! Vintage Harvest offers DIY box kits, as well as bulk reclaimed wood, and we would love to fulfill all of your reclaimed wood needs.

If you have questions about application, installation, or design for one of your upcoming projects, contact us today! Let us know if you create these projects or something entirely different in order to keep your creativity flowing and your house looking amazing.