Wood accent wall in kitchen.

If you have a dull room or a space that needs simple spruce up, adding a wood accent wall is an easy way to elevate the interior design of any room. A wood accent wall is an easy way to add warmth, dimension, interest, and composition to a dim room. An accent wall brings uniqueness to a place, and before you know it, a dull room in your home can become your new favorite with a couple of wood pallets. Here are a few trends we love at Vintage Harvest. 

Modern Vertical Planks

Modern wooden plank wall.

(Image credit: Hayley Kessner)

Adding a dark wood wall can bring a modern earth atmosphere to any room. If you have all white walls, adding dark vertical planks can add so much dimension to a space that will be modern and contemporary, but you will not lose the homey feel. 

Pallet Wood Wall

Pallet wood wall in a bedroom.

(Image credit: Kathryn Bacalis)

A pallet wood wall is created from wood that’s several different widths. This gives a relaxed and unstructured look, which can make space cozy and intimate. A pallet wood wall is excellent for a room with a lot of white and greenery because it will enhance the earthy tones. Choosing lighter pallets is the best way to achieve this boho vibe.

White Shiplap Wall

White shiplap wall in a dining room.

(Image credit: Craig Kellmann)

A white shiplap wall will make your home look like Chip and Joanna Gaines designed it themselves. This trend is all over HGTV and will always be a classic. Shiplap is easy to do because all you need is Barnwood and white paint. This look is great for a common area in the house. 

Barn Wood Wall

Barn wood wall.

(Image credit: Samara Vise)

If you want to break up an ample space, a barn wood wall is a great option. This wall can add a layer of texture and create a broken up area in a large room. This accent wall is perfect if you have a farmhouse or bohemian aesthetic. At Vintage Harvest, we love our barn wood and think it is an excellent choice for interior design. 

At Vintage Harvest, we love home decor and reclaimed and recycled barn wood for all home decor projects. If you would like to start your next home project and create gorgeous accent walls, order your reclaimed barn wood kit from our website today! We can assure you our product will make your project even more naturally beautiful.

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