Reclaimed wooden wall in a modern rustic bathroom.

Interior design trends change day to day, but design trends in wood have been around for a while and they aren’t going anywhere. Decorating with wood brings an instant and lightweight elegance to your home. Although wood, in general, has stayed very trendy, the way it is being used has changed drastically. If you have watched the HGTV channel for any length of time, you’ve likely seen some utilization of wood within the home (and aren’t just talking about the floors). We have laid out a few rising trends in wood within the home to help you muster up some ideas for your own house.

Statement Wall

Paneled walls are becoming even trendier than before, but not in the old fashioned way you may be thinking. In today’s modern world, if people panel a wall with wood they would likely panel one of the four walls in the room, as opposed to all four. For example, paneling the wall on which the head of your bed sits or paneling the wall of the bathroom that you would be facing as you entered. Another gorgeous trend is paneling the wall behind the furnace all the way from floor to ceiling, but only a few inches wider than the furnace itself. This makes the ceiling look taller and the room look more open.

Sliding Barn Door

Sliding barn doors are elegant and beautiful, but they aren’t just loved for their looks. These sliding doors are, in short, space-saving decorators. Whether you choose to have the door exposed when it’s open or have it slide into the wall, you will add so much space and style to your home by installing one of these doors. People typically use these doors for bedrooms, closets, and bathrooms.

Wood Plank Ceiling

The paneled ceiling trend is on the rise more than ever. Some homeowners are installing a few wooden beams on a smooth, white ceiling to create a nice farmhouse feel; some homeowners are choosing to fully cover their ceilings in wood planks. These fully paneled ceilings are beautiful in any home, but it tends to be more of a common trend in homes with vaulted or pitched ceilings. 

Natural Wood Color 

Even the tint of the wood itself is a changing trend in interior design. Wood planks that have a higher contrast or differ in color are in high demand due to the current trend of “natural” wood. Wood in this condition gives a home a very elegant, clean, yet outdoorsy personality. 

When in doubt, just use wood

Using wood planks to decorate within the home is a trend that is only on the rise. It provides a neutral color tone to match just about any existing color, design, or decor in your home. Get a headstart on your next home project using our reclaimed wood kits!