Wooden bird house with a heart entry.

During this quarantine, you may be looking for some projects to keep you busy. There is no better way to stay busy while social distancing than to work on projects outdoors. It is important for our mental and our physical health to get fresh air and vitamin D throughout the day. Staying cooped up indoors all day can increase the chances that you may experience anxiety and depression, and it can increase your chances of getting sick - yes, getting fresh air can boost your immune system! In light of this and our love for the outdoors, we have come up with 3 exciting projects for you to take on that will brighten up your deck and backyard.

1. Build a wooden ice chest.

Tutorials are all over the internet for wooden ice chests that can assist you during the construction. Essentially, you build a chest custom-designed to fit a large cooler. You can make this chest as tall or as short as you want in order to optimize convenience and visual appeal. Consider engraving a word or phrase on the front side or on the lid of the chest. It could be your last name, a saying such as, “Grab a cold one,” or even just an initial. Use your imagination, and have fun with it!

2. Build a mini bowling alley.

This may or may not be possible for you depending on the size of your backyard. However, if it’s feasible and you build one, you HAVE to invite us to your next backyard barbecue! Make the platform about a foot tall. Construct a designated holder for the bowling balls and pins for when they are not being used. Attach this piece to the left side of the platform. Build a pin hood at the very end, and carve out ten grooves for the pins to be set in when it’s game time!

3. Build a birdhouse.

This is a super fun and easily achievable project. If you have children, consider letting them decorate the birdhouse once you have constructed it. This will be fun and exciting for them, and it will make the birdhouse more sentimental to you. Be sure to place your birdhouse somewhere on the deck or in the backyard where you can see the birds from inside your home as well - we need all the entertainment we can get during this quarantine.

If you need some wood to help get you started on one of these projects, visit our website to place an order today. We sell 100% recycled and reclaimed barn wood that is retrieved from abandoned barns. We look forward to making your quarantine a little brighter through the use of our barn wood in your DIY projects!

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