Reclaimed vintage wood wall doe hanging outdoor plants.

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many of us stir-crazy because we never expected to be stuck at home for quite this long. Thankfully, your quarantine days landed in the best possible season - spring! The best home projects are the ones that liven up an area, and what livens up a room more than plants? These small gardening projects are sure to get you outside to enjoy the gorgeous spring weather, while also letting you tap into your creative and artsy side. Plus, gardening is known to be a stress reliever, so these projects would be great for you if you’re experiencing any anxiety during this pandemic. If the days seem to drag on due to boredom and lack of excitement, take on one of these home projects to add some pizzazz to not only your house, but your day, too! 

Create a hanging garden.

Hanging gardens are so versatile, and that is why we love them so much! You can build your hanging garden inside or outside - it’s your choice. If you go with the indoor route, however, consider planting herbs, spices, or foods that you can use in your cooking during the quarantine. You’ll become a master chef with all your fresh ingredients! You can use metal wire or twine to connect your planters. Look up photos of hanging gardens on the internet if you need some inspiration.

Make a porch flower garden.

If you live in an apartment or a condo, have a porch or deck, this project is perfect for you. Go to your local nursery and purchase several different blooms that catch your eye. Make sure they can all be displayed together (size, exposure to light, etc). Find the perfect pots for your flowers, and even consider purchasing a couple of plant stools. Take all of your goodies home and make a flower garden on your porch. Your balcony or porch will look casual, clean, diverse, and elegant!

Add some light to your planters.

If you have planters on a balcony or porch, consider adding an electric candle in the very center of it. If you want the candle to be visible, use a candle that is fairly tall to ensure it stands above the leaves and blooms. However, if you want your planter to just have some light but you don't necessarily want the candle to be seen, get two or three electric tealights and place them in the center of the planter. This will make you want to host an evening outdoor gathering as soon as social distancing is over!

Vintage Harvest is still working through this pandemic, and you are still able to shop on our website for reclaimed lumber to assist you in your next project. Whatever home project you choose during your quarantine, please be safe and stay healthy. 

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