Reclaimed wooden boxes used as colorful planters in a porch.

There is no better season than spring to “hop” on the DIY projects you have pinned on Pinterest over the Winter months. The weather is great and the birds are chirping, so get to work on all the projects you have been putting off! If you want to start a DIY project, but are having trouble finding the inspiration, some of these adorable ideas should help.

Hanging Planters

Make wooden square or rectangular planters that some herbs, spring flowers, or other plants could grow in. Once the boxes are constructed, drill two small holes directly across from each other on the top of two sides. These holes will allow you to tie the end of a cable or twine securely on each side of the box so that you can hang the planters on the back patio! If you are a plant guru and you have the space, consider hanging these plants in your home. It adds a great accent to any room within the home, and it has been proven that having live plants in your house can boost your mood! 

Welcome Sign

Now it’s time to get artistic. Get a few planks of wood from your Vintage Lumber reclaimed barn wood kit, and nail them together until you have a rectangle that is about 5 feet tall and 2 feet wide. These dimensions don’t have to be exact - 5’ x 2’ is just for general direction. Sand the surface of the wood until it is smooth enough to paint on. Then, create a gorgeous spring design and paint the word “welcome” somewhere on the sign. The spring design could be a flower pot at the bottom of the sign with tall grasses and flowers growing from it. You could also paint a cute Easter bunny, Easter egg, carrot, or a combination of all the ideas! Set your masterpiece on your front porch by the door to show it off to everyone who comes inside and drives by!

Bunny Painting

Nail together a few planks of wood (all planks staying horizontal) to make a square shape. Next, print a copy of the back of an animated bunny. Make sure the illustration is pretty large, then cut out the bunny and tape it to the center of the wooden canvas you have created. Then, spray paint the entirety of the wood white. Peel off the paper bunny once it has dried completely. Finally, add a bushy cottontail to the bunny by gluing on a cotton ball to the bunny’s bottom! Hang this in your living area, bedroom, or even the kitchen for the spring season. 

Get all the wood you need for your DIY projects this spring from Vintage Harvest Reclaimed Lumber. Visit our website to explore the wide array of barn wood kits we sell - we’ll ship it right to your door!

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