Wood table in a kitchen.

The Spring season brings warmer temperatures, more sunlight, more flowers, greener grass and trees, and overall, happier energy to people’s lives. People typically use their newfound “spring energy” to deep clean the house or clean out the storage closet. During this spring cleaning frenzy, many people find the drive to redecorate their home or feel the need to spruce up their existing decor in a lively kind of way. Wood used as the basis for decor pieces is a trend that is only rising right now. Using wood is a way to decorate your home in a timeless and elegant manner. Here are some wood trends that are entering the home decor industry this spring.

1. Wooden Tables

Whether it’s the dining room table, a nightstand, a side table, the coffee table, or a small table to drop your keys on the way inside your home, wooden tables are booming when it comes to home decor. A wooden table adds undeniable comfort and class to any room it stands in. Plus, wooden tables can typically be found at reasonable prices. However, you can always purchase a reclaimed barn wood kit from Vintage Harvest and make your own table for your spring project this year!

2. Wicker and Rattan

In the past, this was a trend that was usually kept on our front and back patios. However, wicker and rattan furniture of all sorts are starting to be brought inside to create a light and airy mood to the home. We are seeing this type of wood style in light fixtures, chairs, bed frames, placemats, coffee tables, and side tables. We love this trend because this type of wood, in particular, is very lightweight, and moving pieces in and out of the home is not strenuous at all!

3. Open Wooden Shelving

We don’t mean in a bookshelf. We mean thick chunks of wood installed into the drywall to ultimately be freestanding shelves. This idea is great for many reasons. It allows for storage and decoration in one place and at the same time. Plus, it forces you to be organized. So, hopping on this trend in the spring will be a great motivator for your spring cleaning!

At Vintage Harvest, we love home decor and using reclaimed and recycled barn wood for all home decor projects. If you would like to start your next home project in honor of the Spring season making it’s 2020 debut, order your reclaimed barn wood kit from our website today! We can assure you our product will make your project even more naturally beautiful.

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