Reclaimed wood accents in a serene bathroom.

The hustle and bustle of a typical workweek can leave your home looking like … well, let’s face it - a trainwreck. The good news though, is that you can organize your home in style. Organizing doesn’t mean you have to use those gaudy-colored plastic storage containers. You can use wood! Using these techniques and ideas, your home can have a 2-in-1 home makeover - organization and renovation. 

Wooden Spice Rack

On the back of one of your kitchen cabinet doors, install a wooden spice rack. You can purchase one, or make it your next fun DIY project. Taking advantage of the space on the back of a cabinet door can save tons of shelf/drawer space, and it allows you to view all of your spices without rummaging through “the pile” to find the one you need. If you prefer to use a drawer, consider installing slightly slanted planks of wood inside the drawer. They should be horizontal and should slant upwards so that when you lay your spice jars on the wood, they are more easily visible. Tip: make sure the slant is gradual enough that the drawer will still close with the spice jars inside before installing all of the wood planks.

Laundry Basket Storage

Everyone does laundry differently, but we know that all of us could use a little more organization in the laundry room. This is a super easy DIY project that will finally offer a method to your laundry madness. Construct a wooden three-shelf bookshelf. Make sure the height and width of each shelf space is a good fit for your laundry baskets. Keep your loads separated in three different baskets, on three different shelves. No more piles of laundry on the floor! If you are feeling extra creative, add a decorative sign to each shelf clarifying which one is darks, lights, denim, etc.

Bathroom Storage Shelving

We could all use a little extra space for towels, toilet paper, and soaps in the bathroom. Did you know you can store these items (plus more) out in the open and add organization and style to your bathroom? You can either build or purchase wooden shelving to go over and above the toilet in your bathroom. You don’t even have to install anything into the wall if the finished product is sturdy enough! It can simply stand over the back of your toilet. Display fresh towels and your soap refills on the shelves to provide ample storage and some extra “pizzazz” in your bathroom!

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